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What We Believe In

As a growing content creator, it can be quite difficult to provide some things for your community that have your name, brand, or mark on it. You might have been asked numerous times to put out some products or merchandise, and scoured long and far but all you could get was a 5% discount code to apply to a few retailers online.

We didn’t like this.

We don’t see a world where only the big content creators can reap the rewards.

We see more.

We see a world where all content creators, small or big, can provide things for their community.

Here at FigiGo, we do just that.

Fully Bespoke figurines, designed to your liking with close contact with our highly talented Graphic Designers, all being printed with state of the art 3D Printers, finally being finished with finesse by our intricate and precise painters; giving life to your model.

FigiGo is based in Essex, United Kingdom, and is owned and managed by Charlie Peberdy and Robert Hawker.

Our Process

The Team

Robert Hawker
Robert Hawker CEO
Charlie Peberdy
Charlie Peberdy CEO
Joe Young
Joseph Young CTO
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