Smithdoggy Partnership announcement!

Smithdoggy Partnership announcement!

We are proud to announce our partnership with Smithdoggy aka Chris! Chris is a great streamer over on twitch who streams mostly Call of duty: Warzone however he is starting to branch out into more variety streams for the future. You may already recognize Chris from his tiktok after gaining more than 525k followers alone!

The partnership was built upon a friendship over on twitch when Chris and Charlie discovered each other's Valorant streams back in 2020. Since then, Chris then started growing his brand on tiktok and it blew up! When Figigo was formed we knew Chris would be a great streamer to represent our brand as he creates great content and loves trying out new ideas. We created Chris 3 models to show the difference in the tiers we offer and after some discussions the partnership was formed!

Chris now has all 3 models live in his store to check out here. On all of his models you will see he is holding a shaker cup as he is proudly sponsored by Sneak Energy and the Smithdoggy logo on his chest. On the battle ready model he is wearing body armor ready to defeat any opponents who cross him just  like on Warzone! We love these designs as it relates to his content and branding while also giving some information about him and what to expect from his streams.

If you are looking to have a laugh and enjoy some quality gameplay I would definitely suggest checking him out! He streams monday to friday 16:00 - 20:00 GMT over on twitch! The community is very friendly and welcoming so I am sure you will find lots of enjoyment being part of it.

FigiGo are always looking for partnerships with growing content creators of any size! If a fully custom figurine for your store interests you we would love to hear from you! It might be an idea your community would love as it is new to the content creator scene and a breath of fresh air from the standard merchandise like tshirts and mugs currently on the market. Please contact us at [email protected] or on any of our social medias!


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